Letters to my girl, Patience

mum n dota

You make my head think faster and more diversely, I did not think that I would be like that 3 years back. I simply needed children after getting married. For my first born, I specifically prayed for a girl and a girl God gave me. I told Him that I did not need one without brains and looks. He also gave me that. However, I wonder if the brains I asked for are beating me to my game, I simply wonder. I am glad that you think beyond my imagination and I am doing my best to catch up with you. some may say that I am being ‘slow’ and they are entitle to their opinion however, acceptance is the first solution to a dilemma.

Fast forward, your brains have gotten me so agitated a number of times and I have wondered what it is with you that you do not seem to heed to my angry facial expressions and the like. It has caused me to take rather tough punishments on you more than once. However,  now that I have a moment to think it through, all I need and will ever is to be patient with you. I guess I never knew it before but now I do, all you have done in your life is to increase the measure of patience in me. You have helped me realize that because I lacked patience, I ended up being uptight hence losing a lot of precious time with you.  I intend on not losing any more precious time forthwith and I will be a more patient mum to you and Karl.

You have emphasized the saying, “Think before you leap” and I have been caught in my tracks a number of times. There are times I thought that may be you were going to hurt Karl and I reacted so fast only to be put to shame by you simply giving him a toy. It is all about patience in all dimensions and I pray that I will get better by the day. I know that by being patient with you, I will understand you better, nurture you better and be your friend as well.

Zuri, thank you for being that other bit of me because in as much as you keep me on my toes, you make life worthwhile and I treasure you so much. Love you my dear daughter


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