Know Your Worth

She bends her back to scrub the floors, wash the cloths not to mention the bedroom duties. However, forgive me when I ask, who exactly are you? In what capacity do you do all these? I look at the fingers and a band eludes me so I am wondering, why the back breaking work as though a house help not to mention giving away of your body yet you are not for sale?

I have come to learn a thing or 2 and it does not make me radical but rather honest, if you have no ring, I mean marriage ring not engagement ring, why give of your body? Many of us are cajoled into thinking that you can not keep a man without giving of yourself but is that what your mother is teaching you? If that is the example you saw from her, did you see her so happy about it? I mean genuinely happy. She might have done it out of circumstances beyond herself so you do not have to follow suit. And even if she did it, you do not have to.


Girl, you are worth more than the sex, the money and the luxury. A man will love you not for just what you have to offer but for even what you hold back. I have a number of guy friends and I am yet to hear them praise that girl or woman that seems to give of her body liberally for a little this and a little that. They may call you proud when you hold your skirt tight around you but trust me, they have tons of respect for you and that serious guy longs for the day you will be his.

You do not have to warm your way into a man’s heart by sleeping with him, let him make it official, go through the right procedures and the rest will follow. Value yourself my sister because when you do not, no one will. You are not too ugly or cheap that you need children before he walks you down the aisle, what assurance do you have that he will anyway? You may wait in vain yet can not just leave because you have those children tying you down to him. Why cohabit when you can get married? Think about it You have value that is God given, show it, live it and someone will appreciate it. God bless you.


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