What defines you?


Is it your friends? Is it the kind of company you have? Or is it the amount of money on your bank account? I wonder what it is that defines you? What is it that makes you feel whole? Earlier on in life, I did everything that my mother said not because I was obedient but simply because I loved what came out of being the ‘obedient’ girl; the pocket cash, lots of favors and the like. Then later on, I did almost everything my boyfriend said or asked me to do. I simply looked at his bidding as unquestionable so I did it; not that I loved doing it all the time or maybe I did, I can not tell now. However, I did all this believing that by so doing, he would never leave me and I would keep him at my side 24/7.

Now that I look back, I realize how I became a self made slave to the people that I loved. It was simply because the money I got, the attention I received seemed to define my whole being and I seemed to idolize them since I believed that I needed them without which I ‘ceased’ to exist. Now enough of myself, just used it to show you that I am not writing this from a judgmental point but that I have been there and I would love to empower you with the victory I got, if you will take it.

One thing that I have learned is that when you let something or someone define one, you start to idolize it and you start to become some sort of obedient puppy to it; following it any and everywhere it goes. More to that, the real you never seems to come out because you do the bidding of what you have let define you. This insinuates that you literally embody the characters of that defining factor instead of having YOU shine.

Now the Maker did not have this enslavement in mind when He told you to worship Him because the more you worship Him, the more you discover what your Creator placed within you. So I hope that today you will see the difference between letting God define you and letting something or someone define you; God builds you while the other uses you.

As you roll into this new year, I pray that you will change how you have been living your life.  and choose to discover who you are so as to live the life that He intended for you. Remember that what you have or do not have is not the sole reason you are what you are.


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