Life is a journey that is, like it or not, molded by our choices. You have to decide whether you will wake up or stay in bed, what you will have for breakfast, what you will wear to work and the like. Let no one tell you a lie that God is entirely responsible for how your life has shaped out because the choices you make determine what the next step in life will be. And for that matter, not even the devil is entirely responsible for the misfortunes in your life.

So what choices have you made today? Did you think them out or you told yourself that life will work itself out while you watch? That is obviously an unwise way to live your life since it is lived through you and not out of you.

Will you choose today to think out every step you make? It may seem time wasting but it will reward you in the long run. “Think before you leap” is that one saying that got me controlling my wagging tongue from saying this and the other. It was only after realizing that I was hurting many people by my un-thought out words. It was then that I chose to think it through, whatever it was.

I pray that the choices you make today will put the words,’I wish’ out of your future and will bring people to you instead of push them away from you. Life is full of choices, make the best of the today for the best of tomorrow.


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