I might write or tell a zillion truths
I may tell enough lies to drown your head in a pool of sorrow
I may help you drown or help you out of a pool
But I will always be me

I may wear diamond embroidery
I may have an ugly skirt, it may be rugs, a skimpy dress
an overflowing gown, trousers.
But I will always remain me

‘People had a habit of looking at me as if I were some kind
of mirror instead of a person.
They didn’t see me, they saw their own lewd thoughts,
then they white-masked themselves by calling me the lewd one.’

support my dream ,that way, I may have the
guts to support yours.
lets think it out in an honest way, in no way can I be willing to
help you when all you have done is frustrate me

I am that small girl that you saw ten years ago
with freckles around my checks, tiny eyes or whatever you saw
no amount of make up, fancy clothes and whatever you want to do
will change the real me

no matter what,that inner me will always stay
if it is brilliant, then brilliant for life will it be
so, crush my esteem as you deem right, but I will
remain that brilliant child

think about it this way,
do you think that my help will come so easily when
all you have done is torment me?
love me and I will love you back, tarnish me and I will
find a way to do the same
don’t get me wrong, am only human not an angel
one who wishes for the best but has been poisoned
my dear, you cant give what you don’t have

I am me and I will always be me
take it or leave it,love me or hate me
better still, love me and share with me my life
and me yours
be who you ought to be in my life and not a threat
only then can we be what we must be
I am me and will always be me


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