Who Are You Choosing To Trust?

17:00 hrs

“Tomorrow we will do that and the other”, so the program went, “will you kindly assist me since I can not do it all on my own?” “Oh yes, I will be glad to help. You need not worry. Just remember to pick me up so we can go together.” “I will surely do that, thank you so much for the help.”

22:20 hrs

“Oh dear, got some other plans and will not be able to go with you.” So the message read.

There was a lot of hurt when Pike woke up only to read this text message with no replacement for a helper. Thoughts coursed through his mind, a tear or 2 ran down his cheek but there was nothing else he could say. He felt let down as he asked himself why a repeat of such events had to keep playing in his life. Then, after a while, he called to his Father saying,”Father, why does it have to be this way? Why are people disappointing me one after another? It sure does feel so bad. I thought that I could at least relay on this one but I guess I got it all wrong.”

Does this sound like you today? Have you put a lot of faith in people that the moment they say ‘no’ to a promise they had earlier made you go crumbling? I do share the emotion, been there and what I have learned is that however Spirit filled or Christian for that matter  someone may be, they are still mortal man and can let you down. Does that mean that you should always be weary of trusting anyone, second guessing what everyone says? I did not imply that. All I am saying is  man is not worth a lifetime of trust because he/she has shortcomings and they will pinch you in one way or another..

There is however someone that will not fail you. He promised that He will never leave you nor forsake you, that He will be with you even to the end of times. That man  is true and will indeed bring people your way that He will use to carry you in your hard times. However, never make the mistake of shifting your trust from Him to the person He has sent your way. I will tell you that that person is as temporal as the situation you are facing. When their assignment in your life is done, they will be gone, almost without a trace. However, the sender will still be there. Will you choose to trust Him that sends those angels our way? If He sent you that one that seems to have let you down today, He will indeed send another one, if only you will ask. 

Life’s troubles are daunting, but with God in your life, the sail is smoother than without Him. Let Him be the only one that has your unwavering trust for He will surely use it for your good.




beauty, beauty, so many call out
is it just skin deep?
everyone wonders
is it a matter of the way my face looks?

or is it just the way i wear my make up?
hahahaha, make up, which one?
the pink lines on the eyes?
how about if they were badly drawn?
would I then be called, ‘not beautiful’?

as i sit and wonder
I get to see a lot about beauty
I discover that it is what one chooses to see themselves as
beauty is more than this skin I have
more than the make up I wear
if any

beauty is what God gave us
it is that smile that you get to give despite the long day
its that beautiful hair that no one wants to see
its that giving heart that you have
its those times that you share with others
just to help them share their burdens

my dear, its not just skin deep
it takes an appreciative eye to see beauty
the next time you feel ugly or one tells you are not beautiful
just remember this,
‘you are beautifully and wonderfully made by Him.’

The Time Gone By


the days came
the nights then drew in
the wind blew with might
the rain poured at its best
the sun shone its best,
hard enough not to mess
your head

the birds sang beautifully
the tree swayed side to side
the ocean waters blue
and so the sky

oh did you forget something?
because you ought to be forever
grateful and thankful
for each day that passes by
for the smiles n hugs given
this journey may have never been possible
if it were not for Him

the incredible joy felt
the laughter is busting within
the plateful of jokes to share is large
experiences to dish out to us are many

thankful for the 365 days and nights,
every experience had,
every tear shed,
every laughter,
and joy.

all would never have been possible without
you my God.
thank you for everything


Take some Time


she wakes up in morning
the sun is high and bright
the bees buzz by the nearby flower bed
she turns hoping to see a better day
but what clouds her head is agony

tomorrow, she says, may be better
she hopes and believes
but every morning seems the same

as i negotiate a turn
to my cottage everyday,
i see her with a blank face
sitting out there
looking older than she really is
wishing i could help
but i knew i had nothing to give
so i let it pass

one cool evening,
i decide to stop by
hoping that at least a simple ‘hello’
would brighten her day

words may never say it all
but i realised at the end of it all
that its not about the tangible
but mainly the intangible
that time i gave brought a smile to her face

the next time you do not think
that you have anything to give,
remember that your time is enough
a moment spent with someone
is better than the gold with no care

choose to spend sometime with the girl next door
you may be the answer she was waiting for
you may save her from the murder attempt
a time spent with someone means a lot
there is healing in listening and being listened to.

What defines you?


Is it your friends? Is it the kind of company you have? Or is it the amount of money on your bank account? I wonder what it is that defines you? What is it that makes you feel whole? Earlier on in life, I did everything that my mother said not because I was obedient but simply because I loved what came out of being the ‘obedient’ girl; the pocket cash, lots of favors and the like. Then later on, I did almost everything my boyfriend said or asked me to do. I simply looked at his bidding as unquestionable so I did it; not that I loved doing it all the time or maybe I did, I can not tell now. However, I did all this believing that by so doing, he would never leave me and I would keep him at my side 24/7.

Now that I look back, I realize how I became a self made slave to the people that I loved. It was simply because the money I got, the attention I received seemed to define my whole being and I seemed to idolize them since I believed that I needed them without which I ‘ceased’ to exist. Now enough of myself, just used it to show you that I am not writing this from a judgmental point but that I have been there and I would love to empower you with the victory I got, if you will take it.

One thing that I have learned is that when you let something or someone define one, you start to idolize it and you start to become some sort of obedient puppy to it; following it any and everywhere it goes. More to that, the real you never seems to come out because you do the bidding of what you have let define you. This insinuates that you literally embody the characters of that defining factor instead of having YOU shine.

Now the Maker did not have this enslavement in mind when He told you to worship Him because the more you worship Him, the more you discover what your Creator placed within you. So I hope that today you will see the difference between letting God define you and letting something or someone define you; God builds you while the other uses you.

As you roll into this new year, I pray that you will change how you have been living your life.  and choose to discover who you are so as to live the life that He intended for you. Remember that what you have or do not have is not the sole reason you are what you are.



Life is a journey that is, like it or not, molded by our choices. You have to decide whether you will wake up or stay in bed, what you will have for breakfast, what you will wear to work and the like. Let no one tell you a lie that God is entirely responsible for how your life has shaped out because the choices you make determine what the next step in life will be. And for that matter, not even the devil is entirely responsible for the misfortunes in your life.

So what choices have you made today? Did you think them out or you told yourself that life will work itself out while you watch? That is obviously an unwise way to live your life since it is lived through you and not out of you.

Will you choose today to think out every step you make? It may seem time wasting but it will reward you in the long run. “Think before you leap” is that one saying that got me controlling my wagging tongue from saying this and the other. It was only after realizing that I was hurting many people by my un-thought out words. It was then that I chose to think it through, whatever it was.

I pray that the choices you make today will put the words,’I wish’ out of your future and will bring people to you instead of push them away from you. Life is full of choices, make the best of the today for the best of tomorrow.

Stars of life


They carry you when you are limbless, assure you that you still have a reason to live and that you have a purpose in life. It is such people that when you think about them, a smile can not fail to come to your face. I am writing this to thank God for the people He brings in our lives. Those that have our back when no one wants to associate with us, they pat us to show that we are appreciated and cry with us when we are going through a break up or have lost a loved one. 


How many of us remember such friends? I am forever thankful for them because they help bring calm in a chaotic world and bring a smile to a face that thought would crack when it smiled. 


Here is to the people that hold us through the holes in life and help bring out the best in us. They are definitely the stars in our lives

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