You have given of yourself every day, and I commend you for that. Early you rise up to get your family ready for the day. Breakfast is ready and always tasty, our clothes are well pressed and we are always smart and neat. As the day wears on, you are in the kitchen preparing meals, in the laundry room washing, in the compound sweeping. Your day is so swamped that you take your meals late. I actually heard you the other day complain about dizziness but trudged on. But what hurts is that there is no day that someone looks out for you. Honestly, we appreciate your efforts, but I know that we want you around for longer. So can you love us more by taking of yourself too? For an hour or so, lose yourself in you. No, it is not mean of you, it is the best gift you can give us. Your smile will be missed if you were to fall sick. Not that you have never fallen sick, you have only mastered the art to work despite the pain and illness. An evening with your friends will do you good to revive your spirit, to laugh away without a worry. Allowing someone to share the housework with or completely take over will not mean you are less of a woman. We appreciate your efforts, mother, but we ask that you slow down and think of you as well.

Your pain

Your husband chased you away and his relatives backed him up. To the cold you went, with no hope of where to go or how to take care of your child. The nights were cold, yes, I could only imagine. You begged to ensure that your child never goes hungry. For months, the street was your home and yet not once did you think of abandoning your baby. I applaud you for your courage, your tenacity and love because many have flushed them down the toilet or garbage bin even without any physical disabilities. To every parent that struggles to take care of their special needs child, you are special. Many may not understand what it means to literally be awake all night and day, only stealing a few minutes to dose off but that is what you do. You worry if your child will make it through the night, you worry if a morsel of food will choke them. Then comes the frustrations with every report when they fail to hit a milestone despite the two of you working so hard to get there. That is not withstanding the expenses that come with diapers for those with children that cannot get themselves to the washrooms. Not even the insults that are thrown at you or your child without thinking about the pain you endure. That you endure all that and still hold your head up, you are amazing. Even if I got you sobbing, I would understand because the responsibility is immense. I wish I could make your burden lighter, I wish I could take over for a bit. I applaud you and only pray that God continues to give you grace to do what you do by that child. I actually pray that that child gets better.

I pray the pain goes away

The night is so dark, if not darker than you would have wanted to because as your child bounces between two worlds. You have been at this for such a long while and all you can pray for is that you can be finally given a clean bill of health. You have and continue to pray for that because your life depends on it. With every needle prick, you cringe as though it were going through you. The agony every blood transfusion has ripped your heart in pieces you have lost count of. Every relapse comes with a deep cry within you. You just cannot imagine life sipping out of your little one and yet that is the reality that glares before you. You long to hear them talk to you, play on your laps or laugh. But all you have seen is pain and discomfort. I see your pain, I would only lie if I said I understood it. But as you struggle through each moment, all I can promise you, that I can genuinely know I will do, is say a prayer for you. I will hold you in my heart, knowing that the Father surely hears and healing is coming your child’s way on angel’s wings. It seems like a myth, so unreal and yet all we need, but it is my continuous prayer that soon, very soon, you will walk out of there with your baby right beside you. And that you will never have to walk back but enjoy the company of your child and watch them grow devoid of the pain. For they have had more pain than many will ever bear in a life time.



Some people come up to me and say, “I haven’t drank in 20 years, I don’t have any problems.” I usually ask them some questions.

You see, all you need to do to examine if the curse of alcohol is at work is to ask some questions, such as, “How is your married life?” “How are your finances?” Well I got fired and lost everything. “How is the rest of your family?” Well, you may answer, “my son was selected for the prison table tennis team. My daughter with the nasty little cocaine habit has run off with a singer in a rock band and is pregnant again. But I don’t drink anymore, I have been delivered.”

No, you are not delivered or healed. What I hear is that you don’t drink anymore, but the curse of alcoholism is still working in your life. You are an Alcoholic after Sobriety, but you can get free from it. There is a Balm in Gilead available to you.


Father in the Name of Lord Jesus Christ, I repent and receive forgiveness for my sins and those of my ancestors of drinking alcohol. In the name of the Lord Jesus, I break the following family line curses of drinking alcohol:

  • The curse of destruction,
  • The curse of destruction of the family,
  • The curse of causing your neighbour to drink,
  • And the curse of poverty.

I now declare that all of the judgments, iniquities, and whoredom, are broken in Jesus Name.

By the power of the Holy Spirit, I now break all of the alcoholic patterns of destruction, patterns of treating my spouse and kids like an alcoholic, patterns of handling finances like an alcoholic, eating like an alcoholic, driving like an alcoholic, thinking like an alcoholic, and feeling like alcoholic.

In the Name of the Lord Jesus, I also break the curse and patterns of denial and ask You Lord to show me every time I am in denial. I now root out all of the alcoholic patterns in myself and family.

I break the patterns of the dysfunctional family and choose to stand and take only my God-given place in the family order. I break the patterns and command all of the spirits, of the scapegoat, the family clown, the hero, the victim and the rescuer to leave me in Jesus name.

I break the pattern of protecting the alcoholic at all cost, and the pattern of projection, (turning things around and blaming the innocent). I also break the pattern of not wanting to take responsibility for personal actions in Jesus name.

In the Name of Jesus, I speak to my mind to wake up and I release the Resurrection Life of the Holy Spirit to all of the brain cells that were killed by the use of alcohol or drugs, and I command them to come back to life.

I declare that I have the mind of Christ and I declare freedom from all hangovers, cloudiness, forgetfulness, blackouts, headaches, drugged or anesthetized mind, dullness of mind and emotions in Jesus Name.

I reclaim my mind and I speak to it to function properly as Jesus intended when I was created.

I now receive healing and I declare a purging out of me of any toxins left in my body or organs as a result of my parents’ or my use of alcohol or drugs. I receive cleansing of my body, soul and spirit and restoration of health and wholeness to me in Jesus Name.

I realize, Lord, that this is a process and not an event. With Your power and authority I will take back what the enemy has stolen from me and my family in Jesus Name.

I also realize that it is step by step and that deliverance and emotional healing is needed to walk free from this bondage.

Holy Spirit, I give you full permission to expose every stronghold of the enemy in my life. I realize that there are many emotional wounds that need to be healed and I now receive Your healing Balm of Gilead poured into every wound generational and personal in Jesus Name.

I renounce every ungodly lie I ever believed (mention every lie), and I choose to nail every lie to the Cross in Jesus Name. Lord, I choose to believe Your Word and I commit to daily study and meditation of your word to renew my mind.

I now declare in Jesus name that there is total restoration to me and my family of all the years that the locusts have eaten, in Jesus Name. AMEN!

Credits : Amanda Buys.


If you don’t know when the enemy is talking to you, how are you going to know when to fight it? Or if you can’t recognize when they are talking to you, how are you going to recognize when they are trying to get back in? God will many times make us defeat the demons while they are inside of us. The Lord will delay your deliverance sometimes so you will know how to fight and be able to stay free after you receive freedom. Passive warriors rarely win battles.

Take these patterns one by one, and root them out of your life. Go to work on these areas and reclaim your life. Reclaim your mind, will, emotions, finances, and your relationships with other people. Then get prayer for deliverance. The demons involved are spirits of family destruction. Ask the Lord to expose them and how they are working in your life so that you can have a life of plenty again. You can have your life restored. The Lord wants to set you free.

Drugs and alcohol leave residues in your body which you can ask the Lord to cleanse in Jesus Name.

Father in Jesus Name I receive cleansing of all alcohol or drug residues that are left in my body. I purge my organs and I decree restoration to them. I declare that my mind, my intestines, my liver, my pancreas, my stomach, and all of the organs, glands, tissues and membranes that were touched, affected or destroyed by alcohol are healed in Jesus name! AMEN.

The prolonged used of alcohol also causes the blood vessels in the nose to burst. Have you ever seen the nose of a full blown alcoholic? It becomes very bulbous. The same thing happens to the eyes. The redness of the eyes, and enlarged nose are the tiny blood vessels bursting. The effects of alcohol on the blood are well known. People who have been drinking and then cut themselves, such as a fight or an accident, usually bleed profusely. This is because the blood has been thinned and will not clot as quickly. You can declare healing in this.

How many great men of God would have utilized the deliverance message in their ministry if they had been able to see deliverance in the scriptures? I choose to have my eyesight, my family, my finances, and I am not going to let the devil take it.

Other areas that I encourage you to attack and get prayer are: Arrested development, Shame, And the mind with no soundness.

These are all categories that are associated with alcohol.

Will freedom come over night? God can work miracles, but it probably will not come over night. You are going to have to learn how to fight the spirits of alcohol.

Why didn’t God just transport the people to the Promised Land? Because they needed to learn how to fight. They needed to learn how to discern God’s voice from the voice of the enemy. They needed to be strengthened for the battle coming when they crossed over the Jordan river to fight the giants of the land. God doesn’t fight all of our battles, but He does give us the weapons to be victorious.

Deliverance is a walk, not an event. Many people were taught wrong. They thought, “Well, can’t I just go and in Jesus Name, get it cast out?” No. The Lord gives us the pattern in the Old Testament.

Exodus 23:29-30
29 I will not drive them out from before you in one year, lest the land become desolate [for lack of attention] and the wild beasts multiply against you.
30 Little by little I will drive them out from before you, until you have increased and are numerous enough to take possession of the land.

If you had a garden plot that was 40 acres large, and God cleaned it completely out, and you had only a little hoe to work it with, by the time you reached the other end, it would be completely grown over with weeds.

God’s Principles are “Line upon line, precept upon precept.” This is how the Lord works, so don’t get discouraged if it takes awhile. Just keep after them and with time you will get free.

Do we have authority over the demons? You bet. Will it take time? Probably. You can’t change everything over night. A soul is very complex, and the variables to restoring and delivering someone are endless.

Credits: Amanda Buys

BREAKING THE CURSE OF ALCOHOLISM – 7 Alcoholic Family Personalities

Once again, the alcohol demons fall under the category of family destruction. The entire family can take on alcoholic characteristics that require deliverance, even though one may never have taken a drink. Each member of the family is required or expected to move and act as pawns in a chess game. Demonic oppression can be dictating their lives.

When children from alcoholics grow up, they tend to either become rescuers or deniers. Demonic roles are the same from all dysfunctional families. (religious, alcoholic, or drug.)

1 Samuel 18:18 David said to Saul, Who am I, and what is my life or my father’s family in Israel, that I should be the king’s son-in-law?

Scripture reveals that a person’s life is often wrapped up or bound with family patterns:

1) Rescuer, usually first born.

  • Overly responsible, substitute parent.
  • Feel they have to always overachieve.
  • Called to be a person for others.
  • All things to all people.
  • Service to others is it’s own reward.
  • Needs of others must be meet before your own.
  • Strive to be perfect.
  • Shoulder the responsibilities of people outside their circle of responsibility.
  • Have difficulty having fun, never played growing up.

2) Scape Goat

  • It’s always their fault, take on all the blame.
  • Under achiever.
  • Hear constant voices of failure, you can’t do it.
  • Fear of punishment.
  • Fear of people’s anger.
  • Always the one in trouble.
  • The family’s way of not looking at reality.
  • What do I have to do to get people to pay attention to me?
  • Relives parents’ fears.

3) Family Clown often the youngest

  • Very bright, witty.
  • Performs a lot.
  • Keeps the family laughing. You might think therefore he doesn’t have a problem.
  • Often very detained.
  • Hiding real self from people, (I can’t let them see me hurting) lives secretive.
  • Irresponsible with life, lives for fun.

4) Lost middle child

  • Withdrawn
  • Victim.
  • Fantasy (maturing process block lives in unreal world).
  • Idolatry of father.
  • If male, often weak.
  • Female, fantasy, Dad’s little princess; pamper me, take care of me.
  • Have hard time with real life, money, work, and people who don’t recognize I’m a queen/king, it’s your job to take care of me attitude.
  • The one that never gets in deliberate trouble.
  • Blames others for their problems.
  • Rescue me, Cinderella attitude.

Other Phases include:

  • The con artist.
  • The aggressive, irresponsible. Has to be taught, this one ends up in a reform school.
  • The anxious/fearful fear arrests life-maturing processes, obsessive.
  • The grouchy, irritable, snobbish, don’t touch me.
  • The sex addict.
  • The lethargic, self pity, remorse, despair.

Where do you belong? Never mind, there is help on the way.

Credits: Amanda Buys

BREAKING THE CURSE OF ALCOHOLISM – 6 Alcohol Spirits And Patterns In The Scriptures cont’d

Joel 1:5 Awake, you drunkards, and weep; wail, all you drinkers of wine, because of the [fresh] sweet juice [of the grape], for it is cut off and removed from your mouth.

The alcoholic has problems with spiritual insight, much less caring about spiritual matters. God is telling them in this verse that they need to wake up! You want to shake them and say, “Wake up and look at your life! Look at what you are doing to your family and loved ones! Consider your ways!”

Every day as you are fighting to get out of these patterns, command your mind to wake up. Fight against the anaesthetic mind. This feels like a veil over the mind. It’s like you’re awake, but drugged. Break off all of the steel caps on the mind that blocks your thinking.

We know that every time you drink, you are killing brain cells. You may say, “Well, I wasn’t using them anyway,” My response to that would be that you don’t have that many to lose. You need all that you can get. Tell your mind to wake up every morning, until your mind begins to function.

If God could raise a dead body back to life, He could bring back all of the dead brain cells that you killed.

Pray thus: Lord every brain cell that I killed by my use of alcohol, I command back to life, in the Name of the Lord Jesus Christ!

You can restore your mind by reclaiming and casting these spirits out and asking God to heal all damage you have done to your body.

The biggest battle will be with the strong man of Denial. You need to learn to recognize them. You must apply scripture to the ungodly patterns of the mind, disagree with them, take back any ground given and then get prayer on that area. This process can be very lengthy because you need to learn to identify the enemy.

Be very wary of those who proclaim, “speak and it’s done deliverance.” We have never found this to be the case in order to get to the stronger deeper entrenched emotions. The enemy will simply not give up without a fight even though we have superior weapons in the Name and Blood of Jesus. Consider instead, God’s mercy of not setting someone free from an enemy in which they haven’t learn to recognize it yet.

If God allowed, “speak and it’s done prayer,” how would you stand against them when they try and return, if you couldn’t recognize and discern the lies of the enemy while inside of you. Your last state would be worst than the first.

God in His mercy will delay your freedom until you learn to battle, recognize and defeat the enemy while on the inside. This takes time but ultimately gives lasting deliverance. This is also in keeping with Biblical pictures of warfare where God had the children of Israel defeat the “internal enemy” in the Promised Land.

Credits: Amanda Buys